Building a simple stream reducer using Apache Kafka & Spring Data Flow

The Practical Case for Spring Cloud Data Flow

Spring Cloud Data Flow ultimately provides

  • An agnostic binding framework, through Spring Cloud Stream, which allows the framework to work with some…

This year has unquestionably been difficult for a great number of people. It has also created space. With normal social activities dramatically affected, i’ve had a little more time to read and reflect this year.

So i’d like to share some of my media diet this year, grouped conveniently into…

Can teams build a shared understanding of complexity, so technical discussions can be productive and satisfying?


One approach that I think helps facilitate these discussions is the ‘Design Twice’ method, which…

Mike Patel

@MikeOkPatel on Twitter. Engineering Director at Genius Sports Media. Views expressed on this blog are mine, not those of my employer or past employers.

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